Ad Gefrin and Yeavering Bell

Even by mediaeval times Ad Gefrin had become a place of legend.

It's whereabouts was hinted at by Bede but the true location of the 7th Century Palace of King Edwin of Northumbria had been a mystery for centuries. 

Then, in 1949, an aerial survey revealed an impressive series of crop marks in an otherwise innocent field to the north of Yeavering Bell.This is the story behind the cropmarks. The early excavations on the site. The Finds. The discoveries and theories. Here too you can find out the very latest information on the site as exciting new details are unearthed using state of the art technology as well as a look at the Yeavering Bell hillfort.

Ad Gefrin Yeavering Bell


Projects and Digs

Literally looking below the surface, a number of projects and excavations are exploring the archaeology and heritage of Northumberland.



An introduction to some of the hillforts to be found in north Northumberland with maps and diagrams to help you make the most of a visit.


Articles and Pages

Find out about roundhouses, henges, old palaces and even sheep circles. Discover the archaeology of Clennell Street. Meet some of the locals!

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A number of excellent books are available which will allow you to explore the archaeology and history of the region in greater depth.

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