A Big Thank You to the following

Sheila Graber, animatrix extraordinaire, for her genuine, infectious, belief in creativity. Without Sheila this site would never have been started.

Roger Miket, not only for his archaeological guidance but for patiently pointing out for me the places where I appear to have been typing wearing boxing gloves.

Graeme Young, who has helped me for countless years now in my efforts to get young people involved with archaeology. This will be our seventh 'summer school' year with my school groups up at the Bamburgh Castle excavations.

The mighty Barry Mead, who has done more for community archaeology in the area than anyone I know.

The Gefrin Trust
Dr. Rachel Pope
Dr. Ben Edwards
Dr. Clive Waddington
Dr Nicky Milner
Paul Frodsham
Sarah Hugonin
Eddie Robb
Peter PodmoreĀ 
The Glendale Gateway Trust
Doreen Cleworth

Everyone at the Bamburgh Research Project but especially:

Graeme Young
Paul Gething
Gerry Twomey
Rachel Barnwell
Tom Gardner
Graham Dixon
Cole Kelly

Tony Sharp has to get a mention. Who else has recorded original electronic music on top of Yeavering Bell!

Thanks also to Keith Latty, Bob Cassidy and the members of the Borders Gliding Club for their help and enthusiasm and some of the most impressive images on this site.

Last but not least a big thanks to Time Team who were so kind to my young film crew during our DVD shoot up at Bamburgh. A special mention here to the following who went out of their way to help inspire the next generation of both archaeologists and media crew:

Katy Daykin
Helen Stewart
Helen Geake
Stewart Ainsworth
Tony Robinson and
Mick Aston
(Phil Harding was hiding in a trench...)

Thanks to Paul Stephenson of The Beautiful Image for the photograph here.