The Cresswell Pele Tower Project

Supported by a Heritage Lottery grant, the Cresswell Pele Tower Project was set up as a community and education focussed project to investigate the pele tower and its environs and then to conserve the tower as a resource for future generations.

Although the tower has been a part of the village for 500 years there is still a degree of mystery and misinformation surrounding it. Access to the tower is very limited with no public access generally allowed. The tower is not in excellent repair and is slowly deteriorating.

The Cresswell Pele Tower Project aims to preserve and restore the tower making it an accessible resource. The project aims to roof the tower and to make the interior available as a potential exhibition space. As well as a roof the tower would have mains power installed as well as lighting.

The Project gets under way

The initial phase of the project involved a comprehensive geophysical survey of the area around the pele tower, fieldwalking and evaluation trenching. A small army of volunteers, including groups of school children, worked with Dr. Clive Waddington and Philippa Cockburn (Archaeological Research Services) and local archaeologist Barry Mead as 2016 drew to a close. The team braved some of the wildest and most challenging weather the Northumbrian coast could muster to unearth some very unexpected and spectacular archaeology.