The summer of 2013 was unusually dry and this allowed the archaeologists to extend the trench at burnt mound No.1 into the wetland area. They soon discovered a platform made from rounded timbers which had been pegged into the peat. some of the timbers were unusually straight suggesting they may have been coppiced.

The platform overlay some of the burnt mound material but was covered by a later burnt mound which suggests the platform was constructed at the same time as the activity which formed the burnt mounds. The picture above shows archaeologist Tom Gardner pointing out an axe cut in one of the platform timbers.

During the 2014 excavation season, peat coring was carried out by Dr Richard Tipping of Stirling University. This revealed a potential series of timber platforms underlying the partially excavated one, some being constructed using substantial timbers. These new platforms wer found as far as 1.2m below the current excavation surface. It has been theorised that the development of the timber platforms is connected with the sequence of adjacent burnt mounds.