Rescued from the Sea

In 2013 an extensive, 13-week long, rescue excavation took place on the Northumberland coast at Low Hauxley. The project was carried out by the Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Archaeological Research Services, with funding from Heritage Lottery Fund and support from Newcastle and Durham Universities and the Great North Museum.

As well as a team of archaeologists the dig involved students, volunteers, interested locals and even groups of school children. Without this level of community involvement, interest and enthusiasm it would have been almost impossible to have carried out an excavation on this scale in the given time.

An interesting twist here was the opportunity for a friend and colleague, Sharen Bell, and myself to work with a group of students from the Ashington Learning Partnership in the production of a series of video clips following the progress of the excavations. These videos have been well received and are a great ‘student’s eye view’ of the project. The videos are available here on the ‘The Videos’ link or simply by clicking here.

These few pages simply provide an overview of the project. Much more information can be found in Dr Clive Waddington’s excellent account of the excavations.